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A wedding day is all about the celebration of love. The keyword being celebration. Skye Stansbury Photography is wedding photography for the couple who wants to experience the day they make the promise of forever. 


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 Illustrating the beginning of your love story is more than just taking photos. Wedding photography shouldn't be a one size fits all process. Image collections are curated through a combination of photojournalism and artistic photography to keep the collection unique to your personalities and events of your wedding. I want to learn your story first, so I can help tell it. How do you envision your own engagement and wedding photos? Are they rustic and airy? Urban and vibrant? Fun and relaxed? Oh the possibilities! 



Washington DC wedding photographer

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this isn't your practice life 

Most couples remember a fraction of their wedding day- there is so much anticipation leading up to the day and then it's over. Poof GONE just like that! I believe if you are able to live in your moments and not just rush through the motions of an event you can remember more than you ever thought possible. Your wedding day experience is a top priority. 



Skye Brockman


I find myself drawn to art that is whimsical, romantic, or shows genuine emotion. Weddings are full of these characteristics by nature. I love the creative side of photography, but I'm really a people person. Getting someone to open up and feel comfortable and confident about the way they look is a big part of my job and I love it! Weddings just seem to be a prefect marriage of my art preferences and my excitement for people (no pun intended). Photographing people who are committing to the promise of forever is really exciting. It's even more exciting when I realize that I am creating family heirlooms for future generations. AND... I just love weddings! Love, happiness, dancing, C A K E and they're pretty!

Washington DC wedding photographer


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