The philosophy

your day your way

You have one life, live it! The promise of forever is obviously one worth documenting, but not at the expense of experiencing and enjoying the day you say "I do". Your wedding day should be nothing short of amazing! Unfortunately many couples don't experience amazing. Instead they are worrying about making others happy, posing for group pictures for far too long, and are left wondering "Where did our wedding day go?". I'm here to help make sure this doesn't happen to you.

After shooting so many weddings you start to learn where the obstacles tend to be. Having been a fairly recent bride myself I know that it feels like the day is over in a nanosecond. Missing any of it due to inefficient photo sessions is a tragedy! Time is of the essence to all those involved in a wedding day. We discuss your non-negotiables (the images that are really important to you, and the details of the day that will bring you the most joy) and come up with a timeline that takes those elements into consideration first. The goal is to make sure you get the photos that are important to you and actually attend and enjoy the wedding celebration you're hosting.