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not sure where to start?

don't worry I've got this

I used to be far more hands off when it comes to preplanning because I didn't want to upset anyone or dictate a couples day or session. Then I realized I was doing a disservice to my couples by withholding my professional experience. I have been to a million weddings! Okay not a million, but you know... A LOT, so I've learned a thing or two about pre-planning and scheduling a wedding. When your date is officially booked the fun begins! 



A fun introduction

Engagement photos are important. As you start counting the anniversaries, having quality images to look back at this exciting time in your life is never regretted. The engagement session also serves as an icebreaker between you and my lens which enhances the wedding day experience. Couples learn my shooting style and I learn how to personally direct you before the wedding day portrait session. Before the shoot we determine fashion choices, location, and time of day that align with your vision for the shoot. Couples are given tips and guidance before and during the session to look their best in the final images. Don't worry I won't let you look anything short of fabulous.

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fitting it all in

Building a timeline

After shooting so many weddings you start to learn where the obstacles tend to be. Having been a fairly recent bride myself I know that it feels like the day is over in a nanosecond. Missing any of it due to inefficient photo sessions is a tragedy! Time is of the essence to all those involved in a wedding day. We discuss your non-negotiables (the images that are really important to you, and the details of the day that will bring you the most joy) and come up with a timeline that takes those elements into consideration first. The goal is to make sure you get the photos that are important to you and actually attend and enjoy the wedding celebration you're hosting. When the big day is close we discuss finalizing the timeline, venue lighting, and any surprises you may have in store for your guest that I should be ready to photograph. 


not just another vendor

You should really like your wedding photographer

Have questions and concerns? Ask them! I want couples to realize that they can speak openly with me. I know that being the subject of an image isn't always easy. Everyone should leave a session feeling really great about it. I love getting to know the couples I work with. It makes me anticipate the wedding day even more. I am with couples on their wedding day as much as if not more than their parents and wedding party so it's important that you enjoy my company. Understanding my subjects personalities, wants, and needs also makes it that much easier for me to create images that scream you!